The Orange Booby Nymph Fly

When Booby Nymphs fly fishing flies are part of a team of flies their buoyancy can be used to allow other flies of little buoyancy to fish just above the loch, or lake bed. This is arrangement is referred to as a washing line rig.

The trout catching Orange Booby Nymph Flyfishing fly pattern

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Booby flies have revolutionized many aspects of deep water trout fishing. I have found them deadly on large and small stillwaters. They have a unique action all of their own when retrieved in short, sharp movements. Use a retrieve, pause, retrieve pause method. On the retrieve the fly sinks but on the pause it floats up. It is an action that is lethally attractive to rainbow trout. Fish them on a fast-sinking line and an ultra short leader. in this way this nymph fly can be presented just above the bottom, where the fish are often lying during early season. All boobies have buoyant eyes of closed-cell foam. This buoyancy and the tail give it a tremendous enticing action.

Booby nymphs catch trout. There is no argument with that but some purists think its cheating because they work so well. You either love them or hate them. There are three popular ways to fish the Booby nymph trout fly pattern. They can be fished static on a fast sinking line where they float upwards off the bottom, to add a bit of realistic enticing movement the boobies are twitched along the bottom on a short leader on a fast sinking line and the last one is as a point fly on a washing line rig that dangles other nymphs and epoxy buzzers on droppers down from it. The floating booby nymph on the end keeps the Washing line horizontal.

Orange Booby Nymph

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