The Olive Deepwater Woolly Bugger Fly

The Heavy dumbell eyes on the Olive Deepwater Woolly Bugger fishing fly pattern gets the fly down deep fast to where the trout, bass and steelhead are feeding.

The Olive Deepwater Woolly Bugger Fly


WB7 Deepwater Olive Woolly Bugger Hook Size 10   - Quantity: 

The Olive Deepwater Woolly Bugger is one of the most versatile and deadly streamer you can have in your fly box. Woolly buggers of one kind or another have featured in many anglers fly boxes. Depending on size and color they can be used to suggest different types of aquatic life. A deepwater olive woolly bugger on a small hook size can be used to imitate a damsel nymph. They live on the river or lake bed and feed on other insects. When fished in olive on a large hook size they are a great fry pattern.

The dumbbell eyes act as a primary trigger when the fly is fished as a fry pattern. The ballast of the dumbbell eyes imparts an irresistible lifelike swimming movement when the retrieved is paused. This can be irresistible to lurking hungry trout. I get so much more takes on these deepwater flies than the standard woolly bugger.

Russell Blessing designed the Woolly Bugger Fly Pattern

This is fly fisherman Russell Blessing, the designer of the original Woolly Bugger Fly Pattern

From early season and throughout the summer I use the deepwater olive woolly bugger. In late season I will use a white woolly bugger for targeting fry feeders. I use a black deepwater woolly bugger for colored water scenarios after a rain storm or when using large search patterns. With the dumbbell eyes tied on the top of the hook shank the fly swims hook up which helps reduce snags.

So how do you fish the olive deep water woolly bugger? it can be fished on any density of line but a floating line will amplify its movements. Use a floating line and a long leader. Let the fly settle after your cast before starting the retrieve. Try to begin with a few erratic twitches to achieve an attention grabbing sink and draw motion. Short steady draws can be just as effective, especially when interspersed with long pauses the enable this fry imitation to dive down towards the bottom.

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The Olive Deepwater Woolly Bugger Fly pattern
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