The Yellow Torrish Salmon Single Hook Fly

The Yellow Torrish is one of the old flies that grew popular all over the world due to the established fishing tackle company Hardy Brothers selling them throughout the British Empire and beyond.

The Yellow Torrish Salmon Single Hook Fly


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The Yellow Torrish Salmon Fly received its name from a small town called Torrish in the Scottish North West Highlands. It was designed in the mid 19th century, to fish the river Helmsdale which runs through the area and near the town. This fly, that is over 150 years old, still catches great Salmon. The color and tinsel of this fly make it very attractive. Because of it's brightness it is particularly useful when the water is rising darkly, just before the earthy stain arrives, and when the stream is settling after a spate.

During the spring and autumn, salmon fly fishing anglers have to contend with floating objects on the water surface, such as dead leaves in the autumn fall, blossom and wind blown debris in the spring. It makes it hard for the fishermen to convince the fish that his fly is not part of this flotsam and jetsam, but worth investigating as a possible food source. The choice of fly and the action the angler produces in it by his skill with the fishing rod will be what differentiates it these floating natural objects. Flies that are a complete contrast to the local surroundings are helpful. This is why flies that are yellow or orange like the Yellow Torrish works so well at this time of the year.

There are always new fly patterns sold in local tackle shops or are being promoted in fishing magazines. Good new fly patterns are about as common as Unicorn poo. More than often they are variations of old patterns. They work better than radical new designs as they are built upon a firm established design principle that has caught fish for over many years. If you are deciding between using a new pattern or an old classic pattern I would always go with the latter as it has a proven track record. It works.

The Yellow Torrish Salmon Single Hook Fly
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