Red Salmon Egg Fishing Fly

Rainbow trout are at there full potential splendor during the months of September and October in many Salmon run rivers.

Red Salmon Egg Fishing Fly pattern


EGG2 Red Salmon Glo Bug Egg Hook Size 6   - Quantity: 
EGG2 Red Salmon Glo Bug Egg Hook Size 10   - Quantity: 
EGG2 Red Salmon Glo Bug Egg Hook Size 14   - Quantity: 

They are ready to feed heavily to put on weight in an effort to store winter fat that will see them through leaner times to come. This is bad news for the spawning salmon. They are at there most vulnerable. The trout like the steelheads are there to feast on floating salmon eggs and decaying salmon flesh. At this time of the year the trout are no longer looking for juvenile smolt. The sight of mature salmon moving to their spawning beds triggers an instinct to follow them in their upriver migration, in search of a salmon flavored food feast. They will travel many miles like wolves searching for their prey. Egg flies and flesh flies must be in every fly fisherman's fly box at this time of the year.

Most female salmon eggs are deep red when first laid. If you are up stream near the salmon breeding sites then this red color salmon egg fly-fishing pattern is the one you should tie onto your line. Eggs change color as they develop so inspect the local waters to form an idea on what color egg the local trout will be expecting to feed on. Drift your egg fly. The real egg cannot move on its own against the current. One of the fatal mistakes of a beginner is to retrieve a salmon egg fly upstream. It is un-natural and will make the Rainbows suspicious. Just drift your red salmon egg fly or flies down stream with the current. Let them tumble over the gravel and rocks just like the real dislodged eggs. Obviously you want to cast to an area directly up stream of your target trout.

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Red Salmon Egg Fishing Fly pattern
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