Swimming Olive Caddis Pupa

This fly imitates an emerging caddis that has floated to the water surface and is just about to hatch into an adult Caddis fly. It is tied scruffily on purpose. When the Pupa reaches the water surface it breaks out of its skin. The legs and body casing from its subsurface life are pushed away as it tries to pull its new body onto the surface film so it can dry out and then fly away once its wings are pumped full of blood.

Swimming Olive Caddis Pupa flyfishing Nymph fly trout Pattern

OLIVE PUPA EMERGER CADDIS PATTERN Hook size 10 12 14 16 - $US each

CADN5 Swimming Olive Caddis Pupa Hook Size 10   - Quantity: 
CADN5 Swimming Olive Caddis Pupa Hook Size 12   - Quantity: 
CADN5 Swimming Olive Caddis Pupa Hook Size 14   - Quantity: 
CADN5 Swimming Olive Caddis Pupa Hook Size 16   - Quantity: 

The brown throat hackle imitates the new and old legs. The scruffy olive dubbing looks like the old pupa body ready to open. The hackle and dubbing fibers trap air just like the natural insect when it rises up through the water. The use of tinsel in the dubbing reflects any light to help it get noticed by any patrolling hungry trout. The black foam keeps it on or just under the surface. It is a productive fly on large stillwaters but it works particularly well when the water surface is rough on a windy day or on a fast moving river. It was first used on the wind blown Fjords and fast mountain rivers and high altitude lakes of Sweden.

If you like to fish with a team of two or three flies then the Swimming Olive Caddis Pupa fly pattern is ideal as the top fly. The foam used on the back of the emerging pupa pattern is buoyant enough to  keep the subsurface nymphs at the right depth.

Swimming Olive Pupa Emerger Caddis Nymph catch rainbow and brown trout
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