Orange Salmon Egg Fishing Fly

To some fishermen using egg patterns is not true fly fishing. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I believe that if you are imitating the natural food of your target fish then this is fly fishing.

Orange Salmon Egg Fishing Fly pattern


EGG1 Orange Salmon Glo Bug Egg Hook Size 6   - Quantity: 
EGG1 Orange Salmon Glo Bug Egg Hook Size 10   - Quantity: 
EGG1 Orange Salmon Glo Bug Egg Hook Size 14   - Quantity: 

The art of matching the color and size of eggs that are being eaten is an art form just like matching the hatch of emerging dry flies. Not all salmon eggs are the same. Spawning King and Chums have much larger eggs than sockeye's. You can find that the hungry trout. steelheads or Dolly Vardens have discerning tastes. They will only target eggs of a certain color and size. Eggs that are laid by one particular salmon species and leave the others. It is therefore important to understand the color differences and what is the favorite color and size of the eggs eaten by your target fish. Most eggs are a very bright orange when first laid. They gradually change shade. They take on a milky white tint as they develop or decompose. You will find your fish lurking downstream, gobbling up the loose salmon eggs as they tumble from their redds and roll along the streambed as the salmon complete their spawning. Generally salmon lay between 2,500 to 7,000 eggs depending on the species and size of the fish. Chinook Salmon generally produce the most and largest eggs.

I took a box of your salmon eggs on my last steelhead and trout fishing trip to Alaska. It was late in the season but during the first week near our lodge there were still spawning salmon around and they worked like a dream. The second week the salmon had gone. The trout were very reluctant to take an egg pattern. I had taken a box of normal dry flies. They worked a treat, John Walker, LA, California

Orange Salmon Egg Fishing Fly pattern
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